Terms & conditions

All sales are considered final. Please note you ae buying a handmade piece. When buying from a hand maker, your buying more than just an object. You are buying hours and hours of work and moments of pure joy. Your buying a piece of heart, part of a soul and someone’s dream.
Unlike mass produced commercial items, handmade products are created in small batches or are one of a kind items. With the exception of shipping breakages, I do not accept returns or exchanges once you have placed an order.

Please check the dimensions and read through the descriptions thoroughly before purchasing. Since each item is handmade one at a time, subtle variation in
• size, even if you purchase multiple of the same made-to-order item, please account for some slight variation in shape, size and glaze application
• color, it’s hard to reproduce exact shades of a ceramic glaze. All colors display differently on different screens. No two items will be identical, but that’s what makes handmade items so special and unique.
• imperfections, some texture or marks are possible

You are always welcome in my studio to see and feel the products yourself. If you have any question before purchasing I am very pleased to help you.
If you receive a damaged or wrong item, I’m so sorry your item was damaged in transport. Please email me within 48 hours of delivery with a photo of the item, the box, and your shipping label. Some items are one of a kind and cannot be replaced or replicated. If this is the case I will issue a full refund. If the item is replaceable I will re-make it as close to the original as I can, but it could take up to 4-6 weeks to complete.

Shipping costs
Ceramic items are fragile and require lots of packaging, which can be heavy so why it can cost more to ship. I do my best to pack and ship pieces as safely as I can while keeping your costs as low as possible. If you placed multiple orders with me and it's safe to do so, I will consolidate items and refund any shipping overages.
We offer free shipping on all orders above € 100.- in Belgium. You can always pick up your order at the studio. Choose the option "pick-up Stokrooie" at the checkout. You'll receive an email as soon as your order is ready.


We consider it our responsibility to protect your privacy. Ennah never keeps personal information and does not store payment information. We promise that we won't ever share your info with other parties.

Please don't use any images on this site, which are protected by the copywright law and may not be used without our written permission. We do encourage shares on social media.