Scented candle


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Scented candle Wandering

Enjoy the benefits of taking a break; find some time for yourself. This inspiring candle is made of plant-based wax and will fill your home with a lovely fragnance that breathes intimacy and comfort. Also available in the same fragrance line: room spray and fragrance sticks.

Scent: goji berries,  apple, black tea, with a touch of jasmine, gardenia, vanilla, raspberry, gourmand scents

Burning time: 40 hours

Long duration formula

0% alcohol

Size: Ø 8 x 10

To burn evenly, keep a 6mm wick and let the wax cool before reusing it. Turn off the candle after 4 hours of uninterrupted use. Place the candle always on a heat resistant surface.

Categorie Interior